Strategy and planning is at its best when it inspires creativity and idea generation. It's even better when strategy results in remarkable digital experiences that make a difference for people and brands. Over the course of my career, I'm proud to have done this for brands such as Cheerios, Land O'Lakes, Yahoo!, Colle+McVoy, Caribou Coffee, Lucky Charms, Best Buy, ESPN, Johnson & Johnson and more.

Cheerios: Father's Day 2014

What started as a beautiful short film by our partners at Saatchi + Saatchi | New York turned into a even more meaningful experience by bringing people together to celebrate Father's Day. For the entire week, we dedicated the Cheerios social feeds to celebrating dads of all types. By simply responding to our social posts with #SendDadCheerios, people were able to send their dad a free bowl of Cheerios. We spent the remainder of the week collecting photos of people with their dad and finished up by creating a Facebook album to thank our communities. The experience generated all-time engagement rate highs and will live on over time at

Cheerios: Little Free Libraries

As part of our ongoing Cheer On Reading platform, Cheerios donates more than 10 million books every year. This year, we furthered our support of childhood literacy by by raising funds for Little Free Libraries in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. While we didn't reach our Indiegogo campaign goal, we did raise enough money to build 30 Little Free Libraries. Being part of a brand effort that helps establish a love of lifelong learning was pretty special.

Hello, Cereal Lovers: Cereal Day

March 7th is Cereal Day. That's right, Cereal Day. To celebrate, Hello, Cereal Lovers partnered with several different cereal loving artists and asked them to design their favorite cereal box. After the designs were completed, we shared them with our Always-On communities and encouraged additional submissions. Cereal lovers celebrated Cereal Day with us to the tune of 20%+ engagement on Twitter and a 45% increase of followers on tumblr.

Cheerios: Super Bowl + #FamilyLove

It may have been the 48th Super Bowl, but it was the 1st time Cheerios ran a TV spot. "Gracie" debuted a few days before the game and the reception was heart-warming. As part of the Cheerios Super Bowl experience, our digital strategy was to "celebrate family love and connections" leading up to, during and after the game. To get the #FamilyLove conversation started, we reached our to our communities and asked them to share their stories of family connection. We collected these moments of #FamilyLove, posted them to and shared them back out to our social feeds during the game. When the spot aired, our Twitter stream took off and #AndAPuppy quickly became a trending topic. Throughout the remainder of the game, we took a selective approach to interacting with other brands, such as Budweiser and Coke. Cheerios believes when people come together, anything is possible. This was no exception.

Cheerios: The Family Breakfast Project

Working in partnership with Zeus Jones, we launched the new in January 2014. The site experience is powered by the idea that, "When people come together, anything is possible." As part of the launch, we introduced The Family Breakfast Project, a program meant to inspire meaningful connections for families in the morning. Created in partnership with The Family Dinner Project, this initiative aspires to remind families about the importance of connection and togetherness at the breakfast table. In February 2014, Fast Company recognized The Family Breakfast Project as the #1 example of a brand showing that good business and good causes can go hand in hand.

Cheerios: We Are The 15 Percent

The Murphy-West family was one of the first to be featured as part of The Family Breakfast Project. In the summer of 2013, Michael and Alyson were inspired to create after seeing the Cheerios "Just Checking" ad. We're proud to have inspired them, and they've now inspired us right back. This film was done in partnership with Zeus Jones and Rikshaw Films in January 2014.

Lucky Charms: Lucky To Be

During June 2013, Hello, Cereal Lovers and Lucky Charms celebrated Pride month with whimsical delight, magical charms, and two new rainbow marshmallows. We believe everyone is lucky enough to be different and created an tumblr-powered experience at LuckyTo.Be to celebrate all the reasons people feel Lucky To Be. By doing this, we successfully built a hashtag-driven story across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via #LuckyToBe and stood out in a crowd of many brands supporting the LGBT community. Over the course of two weeks, the idea generated more than 125 million earned media impressions, 26,000 views of the above You Tube video and 11,000 interactions at LuckyTo.Be. For those counting at home, that equates to a $.73 CPM, compared to a ~$2.60 average CPM for display ads and ~$26 average CPM for TV. The Huffington Post and New York Times even deemed it remarkable enough to cover as lead stories during Pride Month.

Land O'Lakes: Mobile Experience

As part of our efforts to redesign the entire Land O'Lakes dairy digital experience, we launched the brand into the mobile space to help busy moms find the products, recipes and inspiration. It was yet another manifest in our quest to position the brand as a trusted resource for cooks and bakers. To accomplish this, we put the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchens in the middle of the experience to provide tips, photos and how-to advice. Intuitive search allows people to find recipes quickly and the recipe pages are intentionally designed to trigger food inspiration. With more than 3,000 recipes and 5,000 pages, sharing the simple goodness of everyday food as never been more user friendly. Winner, FWA Mobile Site of the Day.

General Mills: Hello, Cereal Lovers

At General Mills, we believe there's a lot to love about cereal. Which is why we've created a movement to celebrate all champions of cereal, regardless of brand preference. This movement comes to life in the form of Hello, Cereal Lovers. The digital experience can be found with a responsive-designed .com in the middle and inspired by our social cereal lovers in the form of tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Launched only months ago, our movement has grown to well over 500,000 cereal lovers across the Interwebs and received accolades from The New York Times  and Convince&Convert.

Colle+McVoy: Super Chatter

Super Chatter XLVI was our third iteration of enabling social media conversation to tell the story of the Super Bowl. Our previous version, Super Chatter XLV, focused primarily on brand-specific social conversations and insights triggered by advertisements throughout the game. During this process, we realized conversations about the ads actually made up a minority of the total conversation. Knowing this, we expanded Super Chatter XLVI to cover the broader social conversation before, during and after the game. In total, we analyzed more than 600,000 tweets and visualized social media's side of the Super Bowl story.

Honey Nut Cheerios: Must Be The Honey

Honey Nut Cheerios offers a unique balance of nutrition and taste. When people eat it, they get a feeling of unreserved joy and want to share that feeling with others. Our longstanding spokesbee, Buzz, was reinvigorated by partnering up with Nellie to create our Must Be The Honey campaign. We sparked the excitement by dropping a :30 preview video on You Tube and started encouraging people to share their #MustBeTheHoney moments with the world through tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.

Colle+McVoy: FEED IT

Over the course of my final two years at C+M, I led a team to build their digital education platform (FEED IT) from the ground up. As part of this, I recruited modern marketers to speak at the agency on a quarterly basis for our employees and clients. Speakers included Alex Bogusky, Faris Yakob, Robert Stephens, Hunter Weeks and Scott Belsky. During their visits, I sat down with each of them for one-on-one interviews. The interview I did with Scott Belsky (Co-Founder, Behance) stands out as the most remarkable.