GoKart Labs

GoKart Labs is an innovation lab that invents, makes, markets digital businesses. We do this for clients, but it started by doing it for ourselves. While we all may have different perspectives on business, design and creativity, we're held together by our core values and entrepreneurial foundation. It's truly a special place and I'm grateful to be leading a team of modern marketers that help make all of this possible. 


On youtube: #gokart600

Every year, we shut down the office for a day and hone our craft of invention. Each team has 600 minutes and 600 dollars to invent a new business and pitch their idea at the end of the day. Teams build a business plan, an initial prototype of the product, get it in market for validation and - in some cases - acquire their first users. Thanks to our friends at Rickshaw Films for capturing footage from the day and creating the video above.

On slideshare: CORE VALUES

Our core values are not just something you'll find in a SlideShare deck, they're something you see and feel each time you walk into the office at GoKart. They're what bring an eclectic group of people together to work towards a common purpose. They're what we lean into in both positive, and challenging, times. They're, well ... us.

on medium: marketing as product

I believe marketers should approach marketing as if it were a product. Build experiences just outside the product that engage people based on the core human need the product is addressing. By doing this, you’ll blend marketing and product to the point where people don’t realize the difference.