tracksimple® Data 2.0

Online media peeps. Want to make your jobs "easier?" Here's a tool you might want to check out.

During the opening sessions of ad:tech San Francisco, there was a lot of chatter about tracksimple® Data 2.0. Brought to the agency crowd's attention by Tamara Bousquet of MEA Digital, tracksimple® Data 2.0 "helps reduce the overhead of managing data and reports and provides you with forward looking campaign recommendation tools so you can help your clients." In other words, the tool allows you to analyze all of your campaign data in one place. Recognizing there are no standards across 3rd party services, tracksimple® Data 2.0 does the heavy lifting of sequencing and aggregating data together for you. Therefore, allowing online media specialists to focus more on performance implications and insights to make the most out of online campaigns - versus being stuck spending the first two days of the week getting reports put together for clients. Worth checking out if you haven't already. I know I plan on passing this along to the C+M media team to see if it's worth taking a closer look.