The [Marketers’] Waiting Place

As described by Dr. Suess in Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, this is The Waiting Place.

This place may sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve been there, waiting around for a Yes or No. Maybe you’ve kept yourself, your team or your brand away from this place. Maybe you don’t know. To help you figure it out, I’ve compiled a list of common things you’ll overhear in The [Marketers’] Waiting Place.

+ We need to prove ROI on this before we do it.
+ What’s the process for something we’ve never been done before?
+ Our agency’s CEO has been in advertising for 20+ years.
+ Legal will never approve this idea so we shouldn’t even present it.
+ We’re in the process of hiring hybrid art directors / digital designers.
+ We have to get alignment from _____ before we move forward.
+ The social media experts / gurus / ninjas will tell us what to do.
+ We’re looking for digital ideas to surround our TV campaign.
+ Let’s hold off on anything until our bosses boss reviews the logo.
+ Our marketing department should be more real-time like Oreo.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in The Waiting Place. Get out of line (unless it's for the new Mailbox iPhone app), challenge the status quo and find your bright place where the Boom Bands are playing. It’s awesome there.