Team Interactive Strategy at Colle+McVoy

2010 has been an amazing year at Colle+McVoy. And I'm fortunate enough to have an outstanding team to make awesome possible every day. On behalf of all of us, we wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to making 2011 even more remarkable. That's our job, after all. Here's a closer look at the team and the people that make it all happen.

Amanda Bastian, Interactive Account Supervisor

This woman does it all. Literally. Amanda leads the charge for our Land O'Lakes Dairy client. Her background in interactive design and production gives her a unique perspective on how to make a difference for brands online. She's extremely skilled in managing client relationships and getting us in a position to keep pushing our clients in a positive direction.

Bethany Iverson, Interactive Strategist

Bethany's sassy smartness inspires the group to remain in tune with changes in culture and consumer behavior. She has a strong background in brand planning with an interactive twist. She also serves on the board for Patrick's Cabaret and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. AND she has her masters degree in rhetoric and technical communication.

Dan Mandle, Senior Interactive Strategist

Passionate is the best word I can use to describe Dan. He's insanely curious and one of the smartest people I know. His exploratory attitude gets us to places we've never been and the agency and our clients benefit significantly from this. You can get a sneak peak at his brain in motion by reading his blog. Dan's the real deal. Pay attention to him.

Grant Olson, Associate Interactive Strategist

Grant, also known as Sweet Cheeks, spent the summer as an intern at C+M and quickly made his way to becoming a full-fledged interactive strategy jedi. He works on what seems like 100 projects at once and does it with grace and a great attitude. Grant is an insightful thinker and makes things happen. Two key ingredients to success in our group.

Melissa Clark, Senior Interactive Strategist

A born problem solver. This is how Melissa oftentimes describes herself and it's spot on. She takes a thoughtful approach to solving problems and is the best creative brief writer I've ever worked with. She's always pushing our team to get smarter and fosters collaboration across all disciplines at the agency. Also a new business wizard, which is an added bonus.

Ryan Olson, Interactive Account Supervisor

This man does it all. Literally. Ryan leads the charge for our Recreational Boating and Fishing (RBFF) client. Once an avid fisherman, this comes naturally to him. He's done an outstanding job of building on the momentum we initiated for the Take Me Fishing online experience. He's also getting his MBA from St. Thomas, which is an added bonus. 

Photo credits to Chris Peters, Colle+McVoy photographer extraordinaire.