Social Media Leave Of Absence

Effective immediately, I am taking a social media leave of absence until August 1st. This means no Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram or Posterous. Both consuming and publishing. My RSS feed will be the only exception. I can’t afford to go without reading blogs, as this would have a negative impact on my day job.

I’m doing this to understand how social media impacts my behavior. My assumption is that I’ll gain focus and traction on things that really make a difference. Both professionally and personally. The timing of this experiment should be good as I have a family vacation coming up and a handful of big initiatives to lead at work.

During my social media leave of absence, I’ll be chronicling my thoughts in a hand-written journal. This way, I’ll be able to capture note-worthy moments throughout my sabbatical. I’ve also benchmarked my number of followers to get an empirical understanding of what going from 60 to 0 has on the size of my social networks.

The week of August 6th, I’ll write up a post that summarizes my experience. Until then, I encourage all of you to at least think about how social media has impacted your daily behavior. In both good and bad ways. If you’re really feeling inspired, take a social media leave of absence yourself. It would be fun to compare notes once I’m back.