Principles of a Remarkable Experience

Inventiveness breeds remarkable interactive experiences. Unique experiences allow a brand to stand out amidst the chaos and clutter. Standing out online is harder than it’s ever been and oftentimes stalemates a brand from making any progress.

Inventiveness doesn’t happen by mistake. Inventive thinking leads to insights. Insights inspire ideas. Ideas require compassionate implementation. A remarkable interactive experience is the sum of these parts. When building these parts, I believe the following principles should guide a brand’s quest to create a remarkable experience:


An interactive experience must add incremental value to the brand experience. By doing so, people will naturally pull brands into their lives on their own terms.           


Capturing someone’s attention is only the initiation of a meaningful brand interaction. It’s what you do with people’s attention that matters most.  


The purpose of an experience is defined by its usefulness and influenced by what the brand is attempting to accomplish. Function over form and not vice versa.


As attention is earned, the experience must be inclusive of at least one way for people to advance from leaned-back browsers to leaning-forward participants. 


By analyzing participatory interactions, brands can better understand people’s preferences.Therefore, leveraging the strength of a like-minded audience.


If the experience delivers on the previously stated principles, it will spread. If properly integrated across social networks and platforms, it will spread further.


Desired consumer outcomes are established and monitored to ensure that the experience is achieving its purpose and positively influencing business results.

I don’t believe inventiveness happens by chance. I also don’t believe there’s an equation for producing a remarkable online brand experience. But I do believe there are common principles marketers should consider when evaluating which digital idea(s) they should execute. By applying these principles, your brand increases its chances of standing out.