Making Ideas Happen

In an earlier post, I proclaimed I May Not Be Insane Afterall. The purpose of this post was to inform people about my new role at Colle+McVoy. More importantly, I wrote it to hold myself accountable for reporting back on how things are going. I’m taking Scott Belsky’s advice of leveraging communal forces to make ideas happen. Now that I’ve offered up regular updates on how things are going, here’s my first crack at it.

Earlier this month, I was asked to participate in Colle+McVoy’s new hire orientation program. This was a perfect excuse for me to discuss my new role and offer perspective to people in terms of how we can work together. In the presentation, you’ll see common themes surface I discussed in my original post.

I’ve been in my new role for three months. I spent the first month thinking through priorities and transitioning out of my previous role as Director of Interactive Strategy. Over the past two months, I've found my groove and am now realizing I’m more productive than I’ve ever been at the agency. I feel like I’m making a difference. This has manifested itself in a few different ways.

My first initiative was creating an interactive marketing and technology trends presentation. I spent two weeks in research mode and two weeks building the deck. I’ve presented it a handful of times and it’s been received positively. My favorite part of giving the presentation is the conversation it spurs afterwards. If you’re interested in seeing it, drop me a line.

My second initiative was refocusing the future of FEED IT, an inspirational presentation series I started over two years ago. I knew FEED IT had more to offer than it was, and this was confirmed after I facilitated a handful of interviews and sent out an all-agency survey. Starting in October, I will be organizing monthly “active learning sessions” that will serve as a complement to the quarterly presentations currently taking place. They will be facilitated in a workshop format, with the first 10 minutes spent informing and the remaining 50 minutes applying this knowledge to make something. I want people to leave these sessions with the feeling that what they’ve learned can be practically applied to what they do at the agency. The quarterly sessions at the agency will remain and we had Scott Belsky in this past Friday. In short, he was remarkable and I’m fortunate that he accepted my offer to make a visit. FEED IT is more alive than it’s ever been and people’s expectations for it continue to grow. To me, this is an indication things are going well.

My third initiative was launching the new C+M interactive experience. We’ve completely revamped our website, will be enhancing our social media presence and publishing 4-6 blog posts a month through various contributors within the agency. It’s 95% complete and we’re pushing it through the final review stage next week. Expect it to be launched the week of July 25th. It’s incredible and I’m really proud of the team who produced it.

My fourth initiative was kicking off a project to create proprietary analytics dashboard. We’ve done this on a smaller scale before (Squawq), but plan on developing a much more sophisticated system this time around. It will integrate web analytics (Google Analytics) and social media monitoring (Sysomos) into one place for people to access. That’s as much as I can tell you now, more to come later this fall. My goal is to have it shipped by the end of this year at the latest.

Among these four initiatives, I’ve maintained a strong workload while maintaining my sanity in terms of working hours. With my MBA complete, I find myself having more time to focus on family and friends. This is a good thing considering my wife and I are expecting in October. My focus will again be readjusted, but I’m thrilled and blessed to have such a wonderful family.

In short, I’ve been making ideas happen. Hopefully you’ve been doing the same.