Make It About Something Other Than Your Resume

Last Friday, I spoke at the Student Advertising Summit for the second straight year. In 2011, I presented with Kristen Evanoff on How to Stand Out in a Crowd of Many. The basic sentiment from our talk last year carried over into this year's presentation Make It About Something Other Than Your Resume. This time around, I focused more specifically on how students can leverage the Interwebs to further position themselves as the candidate for the position they're seeking. The description in the event program summed it up nicely (via

Similar to last year, I picked students in the audience as examples. This year's lucky involuntary winners were Christine Taffe and Grant Spanier. If you follow Christine and Grant's digital breadcrumbs, you'll notice they've done a great job of presenting themselves online. As you'll see in my presentation below, they're included in two separate fictitous networking use case scenarios.


Here are the highlights of what I covered:

The more actively students publish, the better. This can be in the form of a website update, blog, tweet, tumble, pin or whatever tickles your social media fancy. It should be noted that publishing alone will not get you a job. Creating a solid resume (like Matt's in my deck) is a must. Even if Seth Godin argues against it. Think of it this way ... a good resume is like a good print ad. It captures your attention and encourages you to go online to interact with the brand. It's another opportunity to make a positive impression and stand out. Once you're feeling confident about your resume, and what people will see when they Google your name, it's time for the road show. Put as much time into networking as you can. Online and offline. Lean on technology to be the enabler that bridges the online and offline worlds of the people you interact with. By doing this, your connections will become more meaningful as you get closer to landing the job you've always wanted.