Interactive Marketing + Technology Trends Driving Brand-To-One Relationships

More than ever before, brands possess the opportunity to build brand-to-one relationships with people by enabling technology to foster relevant, personal, helpful, fun and trustworthy interactions. The presentation below outlines what I believe to be five interactive marketing and technology trends driving brand-to-one relationships.


Mobile Velocity

The year of mobile is finally here as the total number of desktop and notebook PC’s are outsold by the combined sales of smartphones and tablets. As devices such as the Amazon Kindle Fire enter the marketplace at an affordable price point, the velocity continues.

Commerce Is All Around Us

.com transactions (e-commerce) evolved to mobile transactions (m-commerce) and now we’re seeing smartphones bridge people’s online and offline shopping worlds. Products like Google Wallet and Square make it easier than ever for people to buy things.

Data Visualization

Marketers now have the ability to take huge quantities of data and making them accessible to the human brain. Using data to tell stories motivates people to action. Nike+ has been doing this for several years and the masses are starting to catch up.

Social Singularity

People may not need more social networks, but they unknowingly want them (e.g., Instagram, Pinterest). This doesn’t mean we’re not overwhelmed by it all. We desire social access via consolidated experiences such as social sign-in and Flipboard

Omnipresent Connectivity

The proliferation of mobile and widespread distribution of wireless Internet access has forged the makeup of an always-connected society. Brands are leveraging this connectedness to produce experiences with content accessibility at their core.

As brands incorporate the philosophies behind these trends, they begin to formulate brand-to-one relationships with people. Over time, these trends will change, but the idea of fostering relevant, personal, helpful, fun and trustworthy interactions should be the goal of any brand interested in making the most of emerging media and technology.