Google+: Searching the Social Network

Three years ago, I led the vision behind the agency's efforts to formally develop an educational platform with the purpose of spreading inspiration and sharing knowledge. We’ve had a wide range of amazing speakers, including Scott Belsky, Robert Stephens and Alex Bogusky. Independent film director Hunter Weeks will be coming to the agency to kick off our 2012 speaker series in January. As an extension of this educational platform, we launched our inaugural digital excellence session last week. These sessions take an active approach to learning through demonstration with a focus on interactive marketing.

This month's topic was Google+. We started by framing up Google+ within the context of Google’s greater mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This, of course, placed an emphasis on search as we talked about the purpose and long-term validity of the network. The point is that Google+ is more than a social network. It’s an opportunity for Google to integrate their ecosystem of products and services (e.g., Gmail, music, photos) through a consumer-friendly social platform with targeted sharing functionality. Google+ also primes the pump for +1’s, which have a positive impact on search relevancy as people can easily find endorsed links from people within their Circles. We also informed the audience of the network's usage activity, demonstrated its main features and outlined implications for marketers. Click through the deck below and let me know what you think. Is Google+ here to stay?