#followfriday Up-And-Comers

I like the idea of expanding past 140 characters to give a little color to #followfriday recommendations on Twitter. I plan on identifying three people each Friday that I think are worth following. This weeks edition focuses on the up-and-comers in the Minneapolis area. Meaning, the younger peeps in the Twin Cities who are working hard to make a difference. I've met each of these people at random advertising / marketing events over the past several months and they deserve a little shout out for sharing bits of inspiration with the rest of us.

Andy Santamaria (@andysantamaria)

I met Andy several months ago when he interviewed me about Squawq for his blog Connecting Me To You. After meeting him, it was obvious why he describes himself as "chronically curious" in his Twitter bio. He uses his blog to provide readers with the opportunity to benefit from his curious nature by facilitating "conversations with creative people and business." In both text and video format, Andy gives recaps of interviews he's done with the likes of Dan Pink (TED speaker), Anya Kamenetz (Fast Company writer) and most recently Joshua Schachter (Co-Founder, Plancast).  

Casie Cook (@kaceemaree)

I had the chance to meet Casie at the AdFed Hopenhagen event at C+M a few months ago. I've always appreciated the positivity that comes through in her tweets and she recently started up her own blog Create Happy. On her blog, you'll find more fresh perspectives on how to stay positive and create happiness for yourself and others. Similar to Andy, Casie has the curious nature needed to succeed in the crazy advertising world and I wish her the best of luck as she continues to look for a job over the summer. 

Tricia Severson (@mndesigngal)

Tricia is an all-around rock star. I initially met her at an AdFed mentorship circle event and continue to run into her at AdFed events around the Twin Cities. Not only is she the Ad2 Program Director, but also a designer at brandsyncrony and avid Minnesota Twins fan. Her tweets are a direct reflection of her fun and outgoing personality and reflect her passion for advertising and design. Check out Tricia's website to view her work. But, as you'll read on the homepage, her website is just a show - the broadway production comes in person.