#followfriday Conversations About the Future of Advertising

This year's lineup of speakers for Conversations About the Future of Advertising (CATFOA) was fantastic. I had the pleasure of making it to three out of the four events this year and each presentation was equally awesome for different reasons. Each of the presenters offered up unique perspectives on what the future of advertising may look like and provided inspiration for those who attended to think differently. I walked away form each of these events inspired to make a difference. It also made me realize how passionate and fortunate the Minneapolis interactive marketing community is to have access to thought-leaders in the industry. Here's the list of the three speakers I saw and they're most definitely worth following on Twitter. They're active, engaged and consistently share great information we can all benefit from.

Edward Boches (@edwardboches)

Edward is the Chief Creative Officer / Chief Creative Officer at MULLEN. Back in February, he spoke about how everything's changing in the world of advertising. More specifically, he talked about how the real change is the individual's new power, influence, participation and control; both as a consumer and individual. He talked about how this shift in consumer behavior is impacting classically-trained agencies and how both agencies and marketers need to adapt to this philosophy and think differently.

Faris Yakob (@faris)

Faris recently made the shift from EVP Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson to Chief Innovation Officer at MDC Partners. His CATFOA presentation was titled "stuff that doesn't work properly and how technology changes the nature of advertising." During his presentation, he talked about what technology actually is, why it scares people and how advertising has to adapt to a post-scarcity media environment. Faris has a fascinating perspective on advertising and his Twitter feed follows suit.

Robert Stephens (@rstephens)

Robert is the founder and Chief Inspection Officer at The Geek Squad. Along with Dan Beranek (Social Media Lead at Target), Robert pinch-hit for Collen DeCourcy (Chief Digital Officer, TBWA Worldwide) at the final CATFOA event of the year. I've now seen Robert speak on two separate occasions and was even more impressed the second time around. His ability to bring a fresh perspective on all things technology-related is appreciated and I encourage you to check it out in real-time on Twitter.