#followfriday Colle+McVoy Interns

This #followfriday is dedicated to recognizing the Colle+McVoy interns who have been kicking ass and taking names all summer long.

Grant Olson (@grant_olson)

Grant is our Interactive Strategist intern and has already made everyone in the group smarter. Whether its identifying weekly interactive trends, leveraging social media monitoring insights, running web analytics reports, putting together presentations for new business or working on Facebook fan page strategies - Grant knocks it out of the park and has quickly made us realize young people are really smart and us older people should pay attention.
Allison Janney (@allisonjanney)
Allison is our public relations intern. A recent graduate of the University of St. Thomas, Allison has smoothly integrated herself into the agency world. She brings a nice blend of classical PR knowledge and interactive savviness that allows her to bring valuable social media insights to many different departments within Colle+McVoy and Exponent PR. Most recently, she put together a stellar presentation with @danmandle on the insights they gathered from monitoring the 2010 World Cup with Squawq.

Rochelle Berentson  (@rochelle_b)

Rochelle is one of our two Account Management interns at Colle+McVoy. Stretched across multiple clients and a hundred things at once, Rochelle has still managed to be a positive influence on the Account Management team. She gives it her all and is a true team player regardless of the task at hand - be it collateral materials, competitive analysis or new business insights getting us all smarter about things we need to be smart about.
Casie Cook (@kaceemaree)
Casie is also an Account Management intern. A wicked intelligent, interactive savvy one. To my credit, I knew this before she even worked here as I gave her a little love in a previous #followfriday shout out for MPLS up-and-comers. But this isn't about how smart I am. This is about how smart Casie is. She's hopped right in to help on multiple projects for a number of clients, ranging from social media and e-mail audits to leading the charge on some seriously awesome work coming down the pipe for a seriously awesome client who shall remain nameless.