#followfriday C+M Interactive Strategists

Last week, I called out three marketing up-and-comers in the Minneapolis area for #followfriday. This week, I've decided to give a nod to three outstanding Interactive Strategists that I work with at Colle+McVoy. While the role of Interactive Strategist has existed at C+M somewhat informally since I've been here, we recently formalized the Interactive Strategy group to further advance how the agency incorporates strategic thinking into the interactive solutions we recommend to clients. Each of these individuals have played in instrumental role in allowing our agency to outsmart the competition. Follow them on Twitter and you'll see why.

Dan Mandle (@danmandle)

Dan spent the past 6+ years working in the Account Services group and recently made the transition over to the Interactive Strategy group. He currently works on multiple accounts including Purina, CHS and Sears and served as the lead Strategist on the Hopenhagen campaign - one of the most successful social media initiatives C+M has worked on. Dan is incredibly intelligent and brings an overwhelming amount of passion (in a positive way!) to every project he works on. Secret super power: records a mean voice-over.

Melissa Clark (@runmc)

Melissa also recently made the transition into the Interactive Strategy group. She spent the past 2+ years in the Account Planning group at C+M and previously held planning and media positions at space150 and Haworth Marketing and Media. As her Twitter bio states, and I would agree, Melissa is a "born problem solver." She has the natural ability to craft smart interactive thinking from the ground up and has a passion for connecting brands and people in a meaningful way. Secret super power: awesome karaoke singer.

Josh Neiman (@jneiman)

Josh truly has a passion for all things digital and is constantly learning and evolving with technology. Literally. I'm not sure how he does it, but Josh seems to know everything about the latest developments in the interactive space before everyone else. He's C+M's version of Mashable. This truly came to life when Josh and I attended ad:tech San Francisco a few weeks ago. You can see it for yourself on the ad:tech blog we created while we were out there. Secret super power: Adrian Peterson like running back skillz.