Don't Let Digital Extremists Stalemate Your Brand

We’ve all heard and read about the digital revolution. The paradigm shift we’re experiencing in the world of communications and technology. In fact, the latest quarterly survey from Strata states that digital media has approached parity with television as the most important medium among agency executives. Knowing agencies play a large role in the development of communications for the biggest brands in the world, this is certainly newsworthy.

However, an agencies’ opinion on the importance of digital media only represents one consideration among many others. The marketplace of opinions is crowded with Klout-deemed influentials that argue marketers should be allocating a significant percentage of their budget to social media. Then there are the MBA-type brand marketers who tiptoe into the marketplace with the utmost practicality. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder these fanatical perspectives distract marketers from objectively assessing the realities of how modern marketing can move their brand forward.

Don’t let these extremists stalemate you. Curtail the chaos and subdue its subjectivity. With your target audience and brand strategy in mind, allow consumer behavior and technology trends to nourish the thinking behind the construct of your digital ecosystem. As you do this, bring in facts and data to support your recommendations as needed. But don’t make it complicated. Convey a narrative that maps out how people virtually click, push or swipe as they traverse around your brand’s online ecosystem. Use examples within and outside of your brand’s category to further support your case.

All of this should be done before design concepting. Defining the purpose of the individual elements (e.g., .com, social, mobile) within an ecosystem and how they work together should be the first step for any project given today’s digital climate. Effectively translating how this system all works in tandem with your overall brand strategy increases the probability of selling through a big idea next time around.