Colle+McVoy Super Chatter XLV Preview

During the Super Bowl last year, Colle+McVoy monitored and analyzed the volume of chatter on Twitter about advertisements, brands and other related topics. We used our own proprietary Twitter analytics tool, Squawq, which gave us an immediate snapshot of people’s opinions on game day. Squawq ranked the most talked about brands, advertisements and teams during and right after the game.

For this year’s Super Bowl, we’ll be opening up our monitoring efforts to include the entire social web. By using Collective Intellect, Radian6 and Squawq, we’ll be able to pull in Super Bowl related conversations from every single social media nook and cranny.

But our monitoring efforts won’t be solely focused on which television advertisements initiated the most tweets or generated the highest sentiment score. Instead, our analysis will be conducted more broadly and uncover how the Super Bowl influences people’s behavior throughout the nation. We’ll monitor general Super Bowl mentions at the core of our analysis, which will then allow us to identify surrounding behavioral themes. By taking this approach, we’ll be able to figure out America’s favorite Super Bowl beer, the snack of choice at Super Bowl parties, whether or not the Black Eyed Peas nailed it at halftime and how hung over Green Bay Packers fans will be Monday morning. And, yes, we’ll be tracking people’s favorite TV spots too. These examples are only a few of many more you’ll see once we’ve completed our analysis.

Once the Super Bowl ends, we’ll be working as late as it takes to produce an interactive infographic served up using Google Maps technology. This will allow people to zoom in to individual themes and then zoom back out to view the sum of the parts. Think of it as a graphical representation of the Super Bowl’s social media footprint. Here's a sneak peak.

Starting around 5pm central time on Sunday (2.6.11), I will be at Colle+McVoy with a handful of my colleagues to offer everyone real-time updates. Follow along @collemcvoy and the Colle+McVoy Facebook page for updates.