Best Social Medium: Twitter or Beer?

Love the copy. Simple, smart and attention-grabbing. This billboard is one of several from Summit's "Get to the Bottom of It" campaign that has been running for the past year. As part of the campaign, Summit has been asking people, "What Do You Want to Get to the Bottom Of?" via the Summit Brewing website.

Each month, Summit selects one winner who receives a $50 gift certificate. All of the past winners are listed on their website. Out of curiosity, I browsed around to see who came up with the copy for this particular billboard. Turns out it was Hillary Heinz of St. Paul. I don't know Hillary, but was interested to see what she does for a living. After a quick Google search, I landed on her Twitter page and figured out she works as a designer at Fast Horse - a consumer marketing boutique in the Twin Cities. From her Twitter page, I landed on her website and browsed through the different pieces she's created - including the Summit billboard. Impressive portfolio of work.

I find it interesting that I went from seeing this billboard at Grand Old Day a few weeks ago to writing a blog post about a user-generated Summit campaign and someone I've never met before. Seems really random and somewhat cyber-stalker-ish, but it's not. First of all, we all Google people's names to learn more about them - so don't act like I'm the only one. Second, it turns out Hillary is in the communications world (as am I) and seems to share similar interests based on her Twitter feed. Maybe it's not so random. And it's another example of how social media can easily connect like-minded people.

Best social medium: Twitter or beer? I would have to say Twitter in this case. But one can not downplay the importance of beer - especially Summit. It also represents a great social medium. And it may even make sense for Hillary and I to connect via Twitter to find a time to meet in person for a beer. The best social medium may actually be the forces of Twitter and beer combined.