Being Remarkable in 53 Seconds

Wouldn’t it be better if brands could deliver a remarkable experience in 53 seconds?

It happened to me tonight. On my way home from work, I had to stop at the Apple store to pick up a MiniDisplay Port for my Macbook Air. I knew what I needed and was in a hurry to get home. Curious to know how long it would take, I started the stopwatch on my iPhone when I walked in the store. I left 53 seconds later … connector in hand.

This example proves that brands only need 53 seconds to do something remarkable. And it made me think about how much time one minute is, versus it only being 1/60th of an hour.

Think about it this way. The smartphones we hold in our hands now are the worst phones we’ll have the rest of our lives. It’s not like we’re going to downgrade our devices come contract renewal time. Which means our devices will be smarter, our attention spans will be shorter and it will be even more difficult for brands to stand out. Or will it?

It’s not about how much time we have, it’s what we do with it. We make these choices every day without even thinking about it. Our brains are wired to calculate opportunity cost. We seek to do more with less time. Which is why Vine is such a great idea. It’s only in today’s world that people would be willing to participate in a network that forces us to capture video snippets to tell a story in 6 seconds or less. Vine offers brands hope that we can still stand out.

In your next brainstorm, have people think about what services or solutions your brand could deliver if you only had one minute of somebody’s time. If nothing else, it will be a fun exercise to get people thinking differently. And, remember, one minute is longer than you think. In fact, I could have purchased my connector AND watched a Vine video in 59 seconds.