A World Record For Doing Good

As I mentioned in my post It's Time To Set A World RecordI will be attempting to set a world record leveraging social media as part of the final class I'm taking for my MBA. Over the past week, I've been asking people for ideas that could help inspire what our final idea will be for setting the world record. I was fortunate enough to receive ten thoughtful and inspirational ideas, which are listed below.

  1. Tackle a challenging physical task I have little or no knowledge about by following the instructions provided by the online community.
  2. Develop a curriculum for a student's education. Pre-school through their undergraduate degree and beyond.
  3. The first mission to send an iPhone to a defined location and back again.
  4. The quickest assembly of donated winter clothing.
  5. The most plastic bags gathered for mass recycling.
  6. The largest adoption of pets from local animal shelters.
  7. The cleanest park in the country.
  8. The most random acts of kindness completed simultaneously.
  9. The longest movie ever made on YouTube.
  10. The longest collaborative blog post ever written.

The world record I will attempt to set is ..

Facilitating the longest collaborative blog post ever written. And it will be about doing good. It's simple. It's helpful. It makes a difference. Everyone does good in some way, so everyone can participate. When I make the initial post in January, I'll provide more details about how this will work and basic guidelines for the type of content that should be submitted.

The longest collaborative blog post ever written was submitted by Casie and incorporates thinking from previous posts. There are elements of her idea that come from John's idea about breaking a world record for the greater good and Amy's idea of creating the world's longest You Tube video. In fairness, rather than giving one person a $50 Best Buy gift card, I'll be giving Casie, John and Amy each $15 Best Buy gift cards. And, as promised, I included everyone who submitted ideas into a drawing for a $25 Caribou Cofffee gift card. As proven in the video above, Nina is the lucky winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Whether it was submitting an idea or letting people know I was doing this. I expected more ideas to be submitted, but recognize most people are hesitant to share their ideas in a public forum. I also heard from quite a few people that they had a hard time generating world record setting ideas. Understandably so. It also took people time to research their ideas to see if they were original and world record worthy. I'm fairly confident the world record we've selected hasn't already been set. But I'm really confident we can set this new world record because everyone does good.