The Invaluableness of Values

Values power a purposeful brand. They are the connection points that earn brands the right to the non-transactional sweet spot with people. Values provide brands with the appropriate guidance when deciding which actions should be taken to demonstrate their purpose.

Without values, an organization becomes distracted by short-term gain. Campaigns are a good example of this. Brands overly dependent on campaigns are oftentimes not clear on, or confident about, their values. Being campaigned to without an understanding of the sender’s values is like getting glamoured. Attention-grabbing and forgettable all at once.

Having values doesn’t mean grasping for the appropriate words to fit into your brand architecture PPT. Having values means rallying around, and taking action on, what your organization truly believes in.

You’ll be able to feel when your values matter. They’ll be part of your decision-making DNA and enable a sense of intuitiveness that’s hard to explain. They’ll be words that manifest your company culture and the brand(s) you’re building. They’ll be invaluable to your brand delivering value right back to people.