A Call for Modern Marketers

This is a call for modern marketers. Those who are disrupting the brand building status quo to create meaningful products, experiences and organizations meant to make people’s lives better. Their efforts are guided by purpose, unbiased to tactics and deliver value at the right place at the right time.

The Anatomy of a Modern Marketer is an ongoing manifesto to illuminate how people create, or evolve, brands to meet the demands of the networked world. Given the dynamic nature of the “how,” we must constantly reevaluate these characteristics to maintain a healthy brand building mindset.

Which brings me back to a call for modern marketers. If you, or someone you know, demonstrates what you consider to be a modern marketing philosophy, I’d love to hear from you. Starting in July, I will regularly publish profiles of these people with the intent of illuminating remarkable stories about modern marketers making a difference. This could be through an interview I conduct or simple research done online to learn more about what they’re doing. Either way, the posts will be short and sweet.

Feel free to bring these people to my attention in the way in which you’re most comfortable. This could be done through a comment below, an @ reply on Twitter with their handle or sending me an e-mail. However you decide to do it, I appreciate your consideration and look forward to your responses!