When People Come Together, Anything Is Possible

Upon leaving Colle+McVoy to come to General Mills, I wrote a post titled Onward to General Mills. After reading through it a year and a half later, the following stood out to me. 

"I’m looking forward to digging in to the true purpose of brands and figuring out how the web can make them more purposeful. Being on the client side, I will be more intimately involved in this and one step closer to taking the digital strategies I create and making things happen."

Digging into the true purpose of brands. Check. Figuring out how the web can make them more purposeful. Check. Being intimately involved in making ideas happen. Check.

Credit for the resounding check(s) above is due to the work I’ve been part of on Cheerios. Credit for how we’ve been able to accomplish this is due to a team of incredible modern marketers.

Today, I have the honor of sharing this story with undergraduate students at the University of St. Thomas (my MBA alma mater). The best part? We’re just getting started. The deck I’ve put together attempts to encapsulate our starting point of many amazing things to come.

I believe togetherness increases possibility. By believing each and every person is full of promise, we’re able to nurture potential and cheer on possibility. Being part of a brand that lives out this purpose is inspiring and gives us the energy to make a difference in people’s lives. We hope you feel the same.