The Anatomy of a Modern Marketer

In today's digitally-driven networked world, people expect brands to be accessible, authentic, interactive and driven by purpose. Given these demands, brands must change their behavior to be meaningful and - ultimately - remarkable. Purpose-led brands have an intuitive sense and find themselves in the right place at the right time. Modern marketers get them there. This is a presentation about how they do it.

The Modern Marketer Disrupts Underserved Markets 

While the traditional Four P’s provide a basic framework for creating a marketing strategy, the modern marketer obsesses over Two P’s: people and product. When the quality gap between people and product grows, so does the market opportunity.

The Modern Marketer Co-Creates Ideas With Communities

There is a big difference between creating something with people than there is creating something for people. With co-creation at the center of the modern marketing mindset, brands are able to become more empathetic with people and discover more meaningful connections.

The Modern Marketer Believes Experience > Advertising

The relentless pursuit of product and service perfection breeds organic demand. When armed with a product that speaks for itself, the modern marketer doesn’t need to turn to advertising. Rather, they focus on finding unique ways to deliver a remarkable experience.

The Modern Marketer Makes The Web Smaller

Old guard marketers are overwhelmed by the enormity of the web. Modern marketers thrive on its simple complexity. By making the web feel smaller, brands are able to create personalized, local and hyper-relevant solutions for people.

 A special thank you to the following modern marketers who let me interview them about their brand building philosophies: Mark Addicks, Jim Cuene, Eric Johnson, Melissa Arrighi, Carrie Chang, Anna Squibb, Don Smithmier, Paul Isakson, Adrian Ho and Sharon Panelo. And, of course, Mahalo Josh.