The Power of Brand Partnerships

I love Patagonia and New Belgium Brewing.

Both brands are inspired by purpose, proud of their values and deliver on experience. Just as importantly, both brands have incredible products and services that power their remarkability.

Patagonia just turned 40. New Belgium has been at it for 24 years. Each company has managed to avoid campaign impermanence by investing in brand (and environmental) sustainability. To help Patagonia celebrate their 40th anniversary, New Belgium created a beer called California Route, an organic lager named after a famous climbing route in Argentina.

The idea of these two brands working together is sensible given their commonalities in purpose and values. Which, in turn, assumingly guided their criteria in deciding that their partnership was a worthwhile investment.

Patagonia and New Belgium are not the only brands taking this approach. Here are a few other examples of companies partnering through purpose to make a collective difference:

Nest / Sunrun

Bank of America / Khan Academy

Post-it / Evernote

Starbucks / Square

Google / KITKAT

A meaningful partnership doubles down on the importance of brand purpose. It serves as the catalyst for modern marketers to deliver the very best from two like-minded companies in one experience. It increases the chances of getting the brands we serve in the right place at the right time. Most importantly, it makes people realize the brands they love think alike.