140+ Characters, Inspired by Alex Bogusky

Alex Bogusky was in the house at Colle+McVoy today. I was fortunate enough to hear him give an impromptu speech about his background, experience and approach to the world of advertising. I also had pleasure of meeting him personally afterwards. While the Colle+McVoy #feedit hashtag offers highlights from his presentation, I've attempted to provide more color beyond 140 characters below:

  • Advertising must die :: the way we think about advertising in the truest since of the word, that is. Alex said he struggled to accept advertising as a concept, but loved the people he worked with and the talent surrounding him. He was looking for an environment where he could "assassinate advertising," a quest he made significant progress on while at Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
  • Radical transparency :: in order to flip advertising on it's head, Alex focused on the idea of radical transparency. The evolution of technology has ignited social communication platforms (e.g. social, mobile) to a point where it allows the world to tap into true democracy. Not government-represented democracy, but rather authentic, people-powered democracy. Social platforms breed radical transparency and fully expose people's opinions across the world. As it relates to brands, Alex stated, "companies don't have a choice to be transparent or not. You either do it, or have it done to you." 
  • Be the agency of the day :: somewhat of a simple idea, but an intriguing one none-the-less. Rather than focusing on being the agency of the year, focus on being the agency of the day. Alex mentioned that he would pull his creative teams together at the end of each day and they would rank how they stacked up against the competition. "After the day we had today, I'd have to say we were at least in the top 10," Alex jokingly recollected as he thought back on this idea. Again, simple, yet effective. Think about it. You can't change the past, you can't predict the future (especially in advertising), so you might as well focus on today.
  • Fear is the mortal enemy of creativity :: while he didn't say this today, I ran across this quote as the headline of Alex's blog. It's a inspiring quote and speaks to the attitude he exuded today as he discussed advertising. It's obvious that Alex is fearless, intelligent and passionate. These characteristics are a lethal combination when it comes to the world of creativity.

Today was an inspiring day. After reading this, I hope you're inspired about taking on tomorrow.