Hello, GoKart Labs

Tomorrow is my first day working in Minneapolis’ warehouse district in nearly two years.

My first day stepping onto the bus instead of dropping off my son at daycare. My first day innovating and experimenting with like-minded thinkers and doers. My first day working for a place that creates and grows businesses from the ground up.

Tomorrow is my first day as Strategy Lead at GoKart Labs.

I believe values are invaluable. GoKart shares this perspective. It’s the shared perspectives, great leadership, people and their approach to innovation that inspires me. And we’re only five years old. Imagine what the next five years has in store for us.

But with a first day there must also be a last day. And two weeks ago that last day came when I left General Mills. The home of Cheerios, Lucky Charms and countless other iconic brands is a special place. A place full of smart people collectively focused on nourishing lives. I experienced this every day I walked into The Mills and felt it at the heart of Big G. The work we produced for Cheerios was the best work I’ve ever been part of. For that, I thank General Mills, Big G and Zeus Jones - especially Elias Martinez.

Joining a five-year old crew that gets to help imagine what the next five years and beyond will look like for GoKart is an honor. An opportunity only 32 people get to be part of. And somewhere in there, I expect I’ll look back at this moment and consider it to be the best move of my career.

Infinitely Improving Creativity

The Internet infinitely improves our ability to create. Today was no exception. Twitter announced their objectives-based campaign platform.

It's easier than ever to plan and buy media, mock up prototypes and code with reasonable design. It's easier than ever to understand whether or not what you've created is working.

Should media planners, user experience designers, illustrators, developers and analysts be worried about this trend? Certainly not the great ones. Maybe the average ones. The difference between great and average comes down to quality and opportunity cost.

The Internet may infinitely improve your ability to create, but it's up to you to find your sweet spot. By doing this, you'll bypass the race towards average and specialize in greatness.